About Us

Dear Business Partners; Prender medically; R & D efforts, our production plant to begin operations and distributorships are experiencing the thrill of taking part in the Turkish Medical Industry market. Our company policy is covered by past experience and knowledge today to optimally sustain our development by adapting our managers and employees, we aim to grow by folding our success in opening markets abroad. products for human health, medicine and the pioneering and innovative approach that offers the service of humanity is Prender Medical; with the work we`re doing at home and abroad in the sector as well as R & D work is progressing all the time is one of the examples shown in the company.  Prendor Medikal equivalent for placing the medicinal product as one of our main objectives, we draw people`s lives better underline our commitment to innovation in order to make the right changes. Prender Medical `goal is to be a global player, which is one of the basic principles in the vision has naturally led us to take an active part in international markets. The goal of our journey began in the international market; quality-oriented applications around the world are implementing in our country. With our respects...

Our Principles

Prendor Medical  framework of our principles as; What you value, our values, our focus on quality work, our credibility can be summarized as ...
Human health R & D-supported studies to understand the importance of bringing the world to our country and health practices taking distributorships are aware of the necessity of teamwork to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Our Vision & Values

National Medical Industry `s will be our teammate individuals, institutions, organizations, and ensure the safety for our employees and chasing the initiative to provide the highest value is always to be the preferred partner.
respect for human beings and society, honesty, integrity, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Human health and the awareness that our country`s science and above all the people of the world a healthier and happier life to sustain quality, reliable and to provide the most cost-effective products.